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About Venery

Venery started in 2017 because we found that new hunters, especially people who are taking up hunting as adults, learn best when they have both experienced mentors and supportive peers.


At Venery we...

Share our Knowledge and Experience  

Harvest Local Food   

Participate in Wildlife Conservation  

Create an Inclusive Community

Promote Fair Chase Ethics

Teach Self-sufficiency

Support Accessibility

Who we are . . .


ALEX Stokman is the founder of Venery. She's a Montana Master Hunter, an Artemis Ambassador for Montana, and a dedicated FWP Hunter Safety Instructor and Range Safety Officer. But Alex is more than just accolades; she's a mother of three who understands the importance of time for herself.

For Alex, hunting is both a personal journey and a way to provide for her family. She values harvesting food from nature, from berries to deer and elk, finding deep satisfaction in nourishing her loved ones while minimizing waste. Alex's love for hunting goes beyond sustenance; it's about connecting with the Earth, embracing the elements, and rejuvenating her spirit. Through Venery, Alex and her team empower women by teaching them the art, sport, and ethics of hunting. They create a welcoming community where women mentor and learn from each other, fostering self-reliance and sustainability. Together, they make hunting a powerful way to bring people closer and promote conservation.

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Venery Mentors


Want to be a mentor?

Are you interested in getting involved with Venery? We look for mentors who have expertise in:

  • Rifle hunting

  • Turkey hunting

  • Archery hunting

  • Outdoor skills

  • Wild game harvesting

  • & more!


Don't see a skill you have above? Reach out - we'd love to hear from you! 

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